Customer Testimonials

"Qualicare is the company to use for your loved one. They are highly professional with attention to detail. I certainly would recommend all my friends to Qualicare. I've had the experience of meeting with all the staff and caregivers, they are all great people and truly care about all aspects of healthcare"

Patty R.

"If I could give more stars I would. Everyone I met or communicated with at Qualicare was thorough, respectful and nothing short of an excellent service provider. They are a great team that made my mom feel valued and relevant while caring for her."


"Knew we were going to be needing in-home care soon so screened five homecare agencies. Had decided on Qualicare for when the time came. Suddenly my husband was admitted into the hospital for an emergency procedure. Just as suddenly he was to be discharged -- unable to do anything unassisted

No way was I having him to go a nursing home; but how was I going to get him into the car or into the house when I got home? How was I going to care for him when we got home? I called Scott. Within an hour he had everything set up. Someone would be at the hospital to transfer my husband in and out of car and to help when we got home. Can you imagine my relief???

As it turned out, my husband was held for another day and, surprisingly, was able to walk with a walker. Within a short time, however, we did need help in house. Scott has been terrific working with us and my crazy schedule. We are very happy with the care my husband is receiving and feel very fortunate that there is such high quality service available for us"

Carol S.

"We've used Home Care for my grandma for a few years. My grandma has Alzheimer's and Lieu Bodies Dementia. We used a host of different companies to help care for her and they all seemed the same. The employees changed all the time and they just didn’t seem to know what they were doing. They would send us care givers who didn’t have any experience with patients who have memory problems. Then we found Qualicare. They explained that all of their care givers are certified in Alzheimer’s care. That was enough for us to start using Qualicare. The difference in the quality of care we've received has made all the difference. They are so easy to work with and the care givers are all so helpful and experienced. They brought out what they call a ‘Memory Box’ with a bunch of games, puzzles and activities which help with the day to day care. They really seem to focus on doing the things that make my grandma happy and engaged. Qualicare has been fantastic. We highly recommend them."

Crystal I.

"Qualicare is a great company to work for. The owner, Scott, honestly cares about each client and caregiver as family. I have referred many friends and family here as I know they genuinely want to help and the caregivers are amazing."

Shellie G.

"Qualicare is a business about helping you take care of your elderly family members. Qualicare made you feel safe in their hands. Always kind, loving and reliable. I would strongly recommend Qualicare to anyone in search of good care giving."

Jane L.

"I highly recommend this company to anyone looking. They take care of my grandmother and have been phenomenal. It is a smaller company that seems to care about their clients through everything I've experienced. They are always willing to help and do anything they can to make your life easier in times of need."

Kaley G.

"Scott with Qualicare was very attentive to all our care needs. He was always accessible and gave a quick response to every question or need. We got great care for our dad. Scott listened to our needs and followed through. He was very professional and wise in giving us advice. I highly recommend Qualicare."

Ann M.

"Excellent caregivers and caring people in the office. Even helped me in an emergency situation at the last minute."

Joyce C.

"The owner truly cares for all clients, their families, and his staff. Qualicare OC. is a young company, but with the staff they are truly a top company to consider for your loved ones."

David P.