Palliative Care at Home in OC


Palliative care is a family concern.

Qualicare offers services to relieve stress and improve quality of life for the family and the loved one who, together, face the crisis of end-of-life. Making the transition from concentrating on a cure to ensuring quality of life is emotionally difficult and demanding.

Our experienced and compassionate nurses and caregivers are experts at helping families through this difficult transition. We care for the patient and the family in a comfortable and familiar home environment and help them navigate our healthcare system, which can be complex. This frees up the family members to focus on the quality of their limited time together instead of the distraction of arranging various services.

Providing palliative care at home for a loved one offers many benefits to the patient:

  • frequent contact with family and friends
  • control of care and environment
  • continuity of care
  • the comfort and familiarity of being at home
  • comfortable progress through each successive stage of care at home, while helping the loved ones adjust.

The Qualicare Personal Care Manager (PCM) is a qualified Nurse who becomes the patient’s private nurse and family members’ confidant during the stages of palliative care. Our PCM creates a comfort zone of health and communication for the patient and the family. We ease the stress on them through care and support, around-the-clock if necessary.

At this very important time, we encourage family members to keep an open and continuous dialogue with one another and take time to care for their own emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

We use our extensive experience to help our clients navigate the healthcare system, advocating on the family’s behalf to maximize available government-funded care and services and minimizing their financial burden. The family is spared the stress of interacting with our hardworking but often overburdened healthcare and social work professionals, so that they can focus on quality time with each other.

Our goal is to ensure quality of life for the patient and peace of mind and stress relief for the family.

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