The Qualicare Difference


Qualicare is not like other homecare agencies. It was founded on the conviction, arrived at from personal experience, that every family approaching us for help is facing complex and unique challenges. Therefore, it's not enough to just place a caregiver with the person needing care. The whole story will be listened to and a care plan will be recommended based on the family situation. These factors include the nature of the condition requiring healthcare, the emotional health of the client and their family, the physical closeness of family members, the physical surroundings of the patient and financial ability. That's why our homecare services stand on these three things.

Family Homecare

Qualicare is a Family Homecare company - this is our first key differentiator. We do not focus solely on the client, because we know so well that health care crises affect loved ones equally. Families try to assist in care and support as much as possible, but increasing demands on them can produce burnout and, even worse, illness. Our nurses and caregivers are trained to look at every member of our client's family and close circle. They will then develop a plan that takes their needs into account and cares for each of them. Our unique, custom designed innovative solutions help families stay as well as possible during difficult and stressful time. A physically and emotionally healthy family is the best source of care for a client.

Nurse Managed Care

Qualicare provides "Nurse Managed Care". This means that a nurse oversees all of our cases, no matter how complex the services that your family contracts with us. A nurse reviews the care plan at its development and over the course of the contract. This allows us to provide the highest level of expertise and care possible, in all cases. We are committed to handle the care we provide with the upmost of professionalism, experience and integrity.

360° Case Management

Another key differentiator is Qualicare's 360° Case Management premium service. Whatever someone's health care needs are, we can coordinate them. We collaborate with professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians as well as with complimentary therapists such as massage and Reiki specialists to provide an unrivalled holistic service. Our list of service options is constantly expanding as we work with families to provide new and beneficial healthcare solutions. With 360° Case Management, you will have your own nurse advocate who will advocate for you within the healthcare system.