Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the common questions asked by our clients. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when making decisions about the care of our loved ones. These questions will hopefully ease the anxiety you may be facing. However, please know that we're always willing to speak with you about your situation. We'll help you figure out which questions to ask, how our process works, and how we can help. We are local — don’t hesitate to call us today at 949-284-6411! We'll make sure you get a chance to speak with the right person - someone who understands the private nature of your request, and has the best experience for the specific care needed.

Are Veteran Aid and Assistance and Long Term Care Insurance accepted by Qualicare?

Yes! Qualicare will assist you in seeing if you qualify for VA benefits and getting them activated. They will also help coordinate with your Long Term Care Insurance to take the stress off your plate.

Will using private services exclude receiving government services?

No. In fact, our priority is to access public services from all appropriate agencies to ensure our clients receive all eligible service and resources. Qualicare initiates contact with public agencies and our coordination improves their designation of services.

Will private insurance cover Qualicare services?

There are many insurance plans that cover Qualicare nursing and personal support services. You should verify your entitlement from your insurance company. Individuals that hire us are responsible for reimbursement from their insurance companies. With current privacy legislation, we are not able to deal directly with insurance companies unless they hire us and provide explicit instructions.

Where do Qualicare patients receive care?

We care for our clients wherever they are - at home, retirement communities or in hospitals. We provide services in the Orange County and surrounding areas.

What types of caregivers are available for our home?

All of Qualicare’s professional staff are experienced caregivers that have appropriate qualifications or certification to provide appropriate care for the assignments they receive. Many of our caregivers have professional, medical or nursing designations from other countries, complemented with local experience in the United States, which is a value add. Qualicare’s professional staff includes Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), Physiotherapists (PTs), Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Personal Support Workers (PSWs).

What makes Qualicare unique?

We made a significant difference in each healthcare situation we've coordinated. Our primary goals are quality of life for our clients and helping re-establish a sense of normalcy to their lives. We achieve this by being proactive. Personalized healthcare solutions are developed and relayed to the entire medical team, ensuring that all possible treatment options are explored. We prioritize our client's best interests, at all times. With family doctors overloaded, they can no longer be involved at the level every patient requires, especially during an acute illness. With the increased number of walk-in clinics, larger family practice units and additional complexity in our healthcare system, there is a greater chance of needing care from multiple doctors, which can benefit from being coordinated. Your assigned Qualicare Personal Care Manager is available to you, when and wherever you need - they provide continuity of care and ongoing support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the benefits to having a Qualicare nurse case manager accompany patients to doctor appointments - either specialist or family doctors?

Our Nurse Personal Care Managers accompany clients to support them. They are well organized with material that gives the doctor up-to-date, pertinent information. In addition, the Personal Care Manager is able to interpret reports and findings and is available to explore viable treatment options and to follow-up with the appropriate medical professional. As a result, clients have more productive appointments and excellent follow-up. After the appointment, information can be relayed to desired family members, ensuring clarity and understanding.

What are Qualicare's strengths?

Our commitment to excellence and being goal-oriented. Both are very important in order to achieve excellent results. Qualicare provides superior quality managed healthcare, with a focus on providing exceptional care and service. This allows us to provide a personalized, total care approach - committed to supporting both our client and their families.

If we find ourselves in need of Palliative care, how can Qualicare help?

Qualicare is very comfortable with providing palliative care at home. We have experienced, compassionate nurses and caregivers, who are experts at helping families through this difficult journey. We form a team with community resources, which is led by a palliative doctor. Together we are able to care for both patients and their families in a familiar environment. We provide consistent, coordinated care in a dignified and holistic manner. Our approach is to maximize the patient’s quality of life so that comfort is prioritized.

How quickly can Qualicare arrange for a caregiver to come to my home?

Qualicare makes regular investments in finding people who are available for live-in care assignments. We regularly accept applications, collect data and interview caregivers to ensure that we have candidates who are immediately available for interviews by new employers and who want to start their assignments right away.

How does Qualicare set-up a "hospital at home"?

Qualicare is able to set-up a hospital at home within forty-eight hours. We coordinate transfers home, provide required equipment and supplies, prepare a home with the necessary safety modifications and assistive devices, set-up oxygen and clinical care and provide personal care and home support. We provide expert nursing assistance, home and personal care specialists as well as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and counselling. In addition, we support the doctor's orders, provide the best monitoring available, enhance comfort and provide better care in a safe and professional manner.

How does Qualicare help in a hospital or emergency ward?

Qualicare has been described as a 'light in the darkness' during a medical crisis. We become the single-point-of-contact for the treatment team, and if required, will provide personal care services to ensure our clients and their families have peace-of-mind that their loved ones are getting the attention they need. We also focus on motivating and supporting our clients and their families towards reasonable goals and will assist the medical team in carrying out desired treatment and recovery programs. We are present during doctor's rounds to provide clear explanations to our clients and their families. We explore all treatment options and are proactive in shortening hospital stays.

How does prevention play a part in Qualicare services?

We are totally committed to ensuring that our client's care is well managed and well monitored. We prevent problems from occurring and quickly initiate medical interventions, if required. All Qualicare Case Managers are registered nurses that have the knowledge and experience to help avoid hospitalizations by closely monitoring our client's condition, medications, potential interactions, lab results, and specialist's reports. Our RN Case Managers are goal oriented and highly successful at keeping the client motivated to reach their goals. We provide ongoing emotional support to both our clients and their families.

How does a patient’s family benefit from Qualicare?

Family members have peace-of-mind knowing that Qualicare is ensuring that their loved ones receive exceptional care and support. It enables them to balance both their professional and family responsibilities. Our involvement facilitates proper care with family participation in decision making, comfort and other areas of family strength. Care coordination also helps to ensure that family members are properly cared for and assisted during this difficult time. Qualicare focuses on professional care, support and guidance, allowing family members to care for their loved ones, rather than providing care. We help families maintain control at a very stressful time in their lives.

How do we arrange to have a caregiver come into our home?

Upon contacting Qualicare, a Registered Nurse will help you determine the best care option for your specific situation. Whichever choice you make, our nurse is prepared and qualified to expertly match our candidates with the skills and personal attributes needed in order to successfully carry out their job responsibilities. Our nurse will then ensure that the caregiver is properly oriented with important information that will help them be more prepared to provide proper care and will monitor them to maximize success.

How do I get started with Qualicare?

Please call us to arrange a private options assessment with a qualified registered nurse who will review current circumstances to determine suitable care. We will provide a care-plan including options for family follow-up independently, with Qualicare involved selectively or with our complete case-managed services.

Does Qualicare provide short- term and/or long-term caregivers?

In situations where people have a need for a temporary or long term 24/7 care, Qualicare has caregivers on staff who are available to fill 3 eight hour shifts to fill the needed care. These caregivers are available to assist with personal care and daily living activities, such as homemaking and errands.

Do doctors or hospital staff, resist having Qualicare involved?

Medical professionals recognize the benefit of having our thorough, up to date and accurate reports, which support their efforts. We offer them with sound knowledge of important issues facing their patients, which helps them provide better care. Qualicare ensures that pertinent information is delivered to treatment teams and by working closely with hospital discharge planners, we coordinate early discharges by facilitating a more comfortable and safe recovery at home. We can significantly reduce discharge time by setting up a suitable home environment, supported by a medical team. Government agencies place great value on our assistance to improve patient care and comfort.

Why should I involve Qualicare in the exploration and assessment of nursing homes, retirement communities and other long term care facilities?

We help make sure that important considerations are known and that the criteria are established before the search begins. We organize tours of the homes and facilities meeting these criteria. We set-up the appointments and are well prepared with important questions that help narrow down options to ensure the chosen facility, suits the residents’ requirements and values.

Can you provide some direction, on aids for standing and reclining?

Many people have difficulty raising themselves into a standing position or lowering themselves into a sitting or reclining position. You or your loved one, are not alone. Finding it more difficult to get up from a chair or bed is common but doesn't have to be a strain. Sometimes the answers are simple and easy to access if you know where to look and Qualicare can help. Often people with similar challenges consider using a special chair, called an easy “lift chair”. This electrically powered chair helps people sit and stand up, in an independent safe way that keeps them free from injury and reduces strain on their legs and back, which improves mobility. With a simple push of a button, you can go from sitting to standing position or from a standing to sitting position: both in a safe and comfortable way! As well, you can usually recline in these chairs, allowing you to elevate your legs, which is very beneficial for you, especially if you suffer from swelling in your legs or feet. In fact, they can be so comfortable that many people even choose to sleep in their easy lift chairs. These amazing chairs come in many different sizes, colors and styles. They also come in many different price ranges. Home healthcare supply stores often have chairs in their stores that you can sit in and try out to see if you like them. As well, you can search ‘Lift Chairs’ on the internet and see the different types and styles that are available. Qualicare has a nice selection of lift chairs that you can order to be delivered right to your home. If you have a chair you love at home and don’t want to purchase a new lift chair, another option for you is to place lifts under the legs of your existing chair or sofa, that are called "elevator blocks", which will raise your chair up higher, making it easier for you to reach a standing position. You may also keep in mind that it is best to sit in chairs that have arm rests, as they provide a tremendous assistance when you are standing up. Another great way to help with your mobility at home is to use these elevator blocks under the legs of your bed, which many people find very comfortable to use. In fact, they may be used at the head of a bed, to elevate the head of your bed, which helps relieve the symptoms of acid reflux, hiatal hernia, heartburn and respiratory discomfort. Elevator blocks increase the height of your furniture, which is ideal for anyone who has difficulty bending or rising from a low position. Qualicare offers a selection of these to raise furniture, different heights, depending on an individual’s need and comfort.