Dementia vs. Normal Aging




Normal Aging

Forgetting new information and being unable to recall it later

Occasionally forgetting names or appointments

Consistently poor judgment and decision making

Making a questionable decision now and then

Loss of the ability to manage money and pay bills

Finding it challenging to balance a checkbook

Forgetting where you are, how you got there and how to get home

Occasionally forgetting where you were going

Misplacing things and being unable to find them or putting things in unusual places

Occasionally misplacing your keys or other items

Gradually becoming unable to carry on or follow a conversation

Sometimes having difficulty finding the right word

Difficulty with everyday tasks, like preparing a simple meal

Needing help with less familiar tasks, like programming the DVR

Vision problems, such as thinking someone else is in the room when passing by a mirror

Age related vision problems caused by cataracts, etc.

Consistent withdrawal from work or social activities

Occasionally feeling weary of work or social activities

Easily confused, suspicious, anxious or angry when with people or in places that are out of their comfort zone

Accustomed to a particular way of doing things and becoming irritable when the normal routine is interrupted.

Contact us for a free, 1 hour in-home assessment with a Qualicare Orange County case manager. We’ll answer your questions and help your family plan for the future. If you’re facing behaviors or issues related to dementia (including wandering, agitation, aggression, incontinence and falls) we can offer experienced advice and coping strategies for day to day activities.

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